SHWAT™ Style 20 Ounce Vacuum Tumbler

  • $26.97

You know that part of you that says, "This is me!"?

It's talking to you now, that's why you clicked. Okay, maybe you're thinking this THEM, the person you're shopping for right now. Either way, you're right!

In deer or duck blind in the cold? Some hot coffee in your SHWAT™ tumbler might warm you up, and a look at that logo will bring the smile. Forget that... Your walk into the office with your tumbler, some give you the "Oh yeah, I got you!' look. Others stare blankly. And you just subtly grin.

But you have to get the Tumbler first, so what are you waiting for?

20oz. Tumblers feature stainless steel double-wall construction, vacuum insulated for 2X cold and heat retention compared to glass or plastic containers, removable clear lid and textured sweat-free powdercoat.

• Tumbler Brand - Polar Camel

• BPA and Lead Free

• Hand Wash Only